We offer our clients options to meet and potentially exceed their goals & concerns. So they may...

Enjoy life, knowing you are PREPARED...

As fun and exciting as planning your future & retirement can be, it can also be stressful. Your situation is unique to you, and determining a strategy that is best for you requires a “personal plan analysis.”

What are the risks?

How do I protect against these risks?

HOW MUCH income will I need & for HOW LONG in retirement?

Your analysis will provide answers to these questions.

PREPARING for your future can be stressful, sorting through the many websites, information and resources available at your fingertips…

  • Our Agents can help ensure you have a strategy that fits your needs - regardless of what tomorrow may bring.

  • They will provide you a better understanding of your financial situation and help you wisely select an approach best suited for you.

The future and retirement doesn’t have to be overwhelming if you utilize the tools and options readily available to help you. If you have questions about saving for your retirement or mitigating risk, etc.

Call FILA & Associates and schedule a “PERSONAL PLAN ANALYSIS” appointment.

Our Difference

...what balance suits you?

FILA and Associates is proud to help families live for today, plan for their financial future and make a difference in their QUALITY of LIFE.

So they can "Enjoy life, knowing they are PREPARED". With Life Insurance, savings and retirement products, we enrich lives

By addressing the risks our clients may not have considered, along with accumulation needs, our clients...

Enjoy life, knowing they are Prepared.

For Businesses

Life Insurance can meet Business needs as well. When your business is your estate's largest asset, Life Insurance can be a major planning tool. Continuing your business after death, replacing Key Employees, equalizing inheritance for heirs not interested in the business (buy-sell agreements), or buying out other business partners become important estate planning concerns/risks.

You didn't wake up thinking, "how can Life Insurance help my business?"

You probably have thought about your business and what you can do to keep it safe and secure. It's important to think about the future of your business. Life Insurance can:

  • Help protect from financial hardship.

  • Help make sure it doesn't suffer the financial burdens that could occur in the event of disability or death.

Acting today can help you cover daily expenses, outstanding debts and future post-secondary growth opportunities.

Ask yourself, "can i risk waiting for 'someday' to come?"

Life Insurance and investments are just a starting point - they help you reach your financial goals & protect your business from the many possibilities/risks. Whether you are just starting out or ready to retire, we have solutions/ options for every stage of life or business.

Call FILA & Associates and schedule a "BUSINESS PLAN ANALYSIS” appointment.

Supplemental Income Life Insurance
What would happen if you lost your most IMPORTANT ASSET...?
i.e., your ability to earn the income you and your family rely on...?
e.g., if you earn $60,000 per year, that equals $2.1 million in earning potential over the next 35 years. Can YOU and your family lose this earning potential?
To help protect you, FILA & Associates offers:

so the comforts and necessities to fund life and goals are provided for.

Long Term Care Insurance

is an excellent way to begin planning for significant life events and can provide peace of mind for your FUTURE, your finances and your independence if the unexpected happens and you lose the ability to carry out basic self-care activities for an extended period of time and require substantial assistance. It can also help answer these questions:

  • How would you prefer to be cared for?

  • When will decisions about your care be made?

  • Who would you want to care for you?

  • Are they prepared to rearrange their responsibilities to help?

  • Where would you get the money to pay for your care?

  • Will your assets support your care, family expenses and other goals you may have?

Great NEWS - the right plan is available to help you and your family/loved ones address your planning goals. So, wherever tomorrow takes you and your family, Long Term Care (LTC) insurance policies can help you prepare for unexpected circumstances and responsibilities and help you protect your dreams against the high cost of Long Term Care (LTC) SERVICES.


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                          It is said: 

"you buy Life Insurance not because you're going to die, but because the ONES you LOVE are going to LIVE."

Today, you can also buy Life Insurance because you can LIVE a LONG LIFE.

As a result: 

In 2018, Life Insurance Premiums Declined with some carriers due to the New CSO Tables/Mortality Tables.


This is a Great Opportunity to Improve...;

Guaranteed Income for Life (Income for Life Rider)

Flexible income for your retirement. With this rider, your cash value can be used to produce a guaranteed stream of lifetime income for you... 

Chronic Illness Rider Accelerated Access Solution® (AAS)

Income to help if you get sick along the way. This rider allows you to access a portion of your death benefit if you suffer from a qualifying illness or condition. Choose from payments of 2%, 4% or an IRS per diem amount monthly. The tax-free income...

Policy Loans & Withdrawals

Flexible income for you at any time, for any purpose...

Tuition Rewards Facts:
  1. There is no cost for a family to enroll. Tuition rewards points are provided courtesy of your financial adviser.
  2. Children must be enrolled by Aug. 31 of the year that 11th grade begins. You can enroll grandchildren, nieces, nephews, etc.
  3. Start earning points TODAY...


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To learn more, visit www.tuitionrewards.com. For complete information. contact SAGE Scholars, Inc. support@sagescholars.com
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Why buy Life Insurance today?

There's no savings in waiting...


The cost of Life Insurance is based on your age at the time of purchase. When you are YOUNGER, you will benefit from lower rates. So if you think Life Insurance is expensive NOW, remember that it will only cost more as you get older.


The cost of Life Insurance is based on your health at the time of purchase. When you are HEALTHIER, you will benefit from lower rates. So if you think Life Insurance is expensive NOW, remember that it will only cost more as you get older.


Life is anything but predictable, so why take a chance?



Buy Life Insurance online COMING SOON!!! 

with FILA & Associates and

"Enjoy life, knowing you are PREPARED..."

FILA and Associates does not provide tax, legal or accounting advice. This material has been prepared for informational purposes only, and is not intended to provide, and should not be relied on for, tax, legal or accounting advice...

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We offer our clients options to meet and potentially exceed their concerns & dreams. So they may...

Enjoy life knowing they are prepared.

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