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Life Insurance Products

For Businesses

Planning for the Un-Expected? It's what we do...

Life Insurance can meet Business needs as well. When your business is the largest asset in your estate, Life Insurance can be a major planning tool. Continuing your business after death, replacing Key Employees, equalizing inheritance for heirs not interested in the business (buy-sell agreements) or buying out business partners are important estate planning concerns/risks.

You didn't wake up thinking, "how can Life Insurance help my business?"

You probably have thought about your business and what you can do to keep it safe and secure. It's important to think about the future of your business. Life Insurance can:

  • Help protect from financial hardship.

  • Help make sure it doesn't suffer the financial burdens that could occur in the event of disability or death.

Acting today can help cover daily expenses, outstanding debts and future post-secondary growth opportunities.

Ask yourself, "can I risk waiting for 'someday' to come?"

Life Insurance and investments are just a starting point: They help you reach your financial goals and protect your business from many possibilities/risks.

Whether you are just starting out or ready to retire, we have solutions/options for every stage of life or business.

Call FILA & Associates and schedule a "BUSINESS PLAN ANALYSIS” appointment. 

  • Key Person Insurance

  • Buy-Sell Agreements

  • Executive Bonuses

  • Taxation of Life Insurance

  • Dividends

  • Cash Value Accumulations

  • Policy Loans

  • Surrenders

  • Group Life and Employer-Sponsored Plans

  • Liquidity

  • Estate Creation

  • Tax-Sheltered Annuities (TSAs)

  • Third Party Ownership

  • Viatical Settlements

  • Non-forfeiture Options